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July 22: The Cuba crisis reveals deep Democratic hypocrisy

July 15: Critical Race Theory invades the U.S. military

July 8: The clueless, out-of-touch Biden administration

July 1: Words of wisdom from Tom Cotton

June 24: The Biden-Harris border catastrophe continues

June 17: When crime goes up, citizens want out

June 10: DeSantis continues to hold corrupt elite accountable

June 3: Democrats are making us less safe

May 27: Blue State Blues

May 20: Joe Biden, impediment to prosperity

May 14: The 1619 Project proves indefensible, yet again

May 6: We’ll all pay the price for Biden’s insane agenda

April 30: Republicans, Democrats, and unemployment

April 15: The inspiring rise of Ron DeSantis

April 8: Tucker Carlson takes on the corrupt, biased ‘news’ media

April 1: Laxalt’s new op-ed exposes Democrats’ continued assault on election integrity

March 25: Democrat double-speak on requiring ID

March 18: Will the lockdown-enforcers ever be held to account?

March 11: Horrible, horrible H.R. 1

March 4: Amazon would apparently prefer we not know about the Justice’s inspiring life story

February 25: More on that 2020 election conspiracy

February 18: Rush Limbaugh, R.I.P.

February 11: The 2020 election conspiracy, admitted at last

February 4: Joe Biden - man of the hard left

January 28: 'Unity!' They cried

December 18: Federal court stops Sisolak’s assault on religious liberty


December 11: How you helped deliver wins in Nevada state races


December 4: Voter fraud –– making the case


November 27: The left must not be allowed to get away with distorting the record


October 29: Counting down to Election Day chaos


October 22: Left-wing media in denial about voter fraud


October 15: The question Joe Biden won't answer


October 10: Here they come — phony Republicans for Joe Biden


October 01: Exposing the left's lies about Amy Coney Barrett


September 24th: The Governor backs down ... thanks to you


September 17th: Sisolak's hypocrisy knows no bounds


September 04, 2020: Democrat operative admits to committing voter fraud


August 27, 2020: Sisolak's assault on our elections continues


August 19, 2020: Secretary Cegavske must speak out!


August 14, 2020: Another special session, another debacle


August 06, 2020: Nevada’s election theft becomes center of
national political universe


July 30, 2020: Democrats’ shameful treatment of AG Barr


July 23, 2020: The pay-to-play special session


July 16, 2020: The left vs. America


July 09, 2020: Special Session update: Tax battle ahead!


July 02, 2020: Another mail-in voting mess


June 25, 2020: Barack Obama's incredible corruption


June 18, 2020: The coming push for tax hikes


June 11, 2020: The most important Basque Fry yet


June 04, 2020: Democrats are destroying our state, and some
Republicans are helping them


May 27, 2020: Protecting your vote; an important interview with Tucker Carlson on voter fraud


May 21, 2020: The left reveals its true nature


May 14, 2020: The high costs of the shutdown


May 06, 2020: Are there constitutional limits to shutdown orders?


April 30, 2020: A tale of two states


April 22, 2020: 'It's time for Nevada to get back to work.'


April 16, 2020: The Trump-Russia narrative collapses


April 09, 2020: The left tries to hijack the coronavirus crisis


April 02, 2020: Attacking faith in a time of crisis


March 26, 2020: Democrats prioritize politics over public health


March 19, 2020: The lie at the heart of the 1619 Project


March 12, 2020: Our politicized courts


March 5, 2020: Sanders and Scandinavia


February 27, 2020: Bernie burns for tyrants


February 20, 2020: ‘Forgotten Americans,’ now remembered


February 13, 2020: Bravo to the Trump Justice Department


February 6, 2020: The Democrats’ disaster in Iowa


January 30, 2020: An important lesson about guns


January 23, 2020: Sanctuary city policies kill — again


January 16, 2020: More evidence that conservative policies work


January 9, 2020: The latest idiocy from Colin Kaepernick


January 2, 2020: Winning the battle for the courts


December 24, 2019: Merry Christmas!


December 19, 2019: When you challenge the status quo…


December 12, 2019: What’s behind our economic boom


December 5, 2019: More Democrat hypocrisy on school choice


November 27, 2019: Our fight against sanctuary policies continues


November 21, 2019: Impeachment by focus group


November 14, 2019: The many lessons of California


November 7, 2019: Fighting back against dangerous sanctuary policies


October 31, 2019: The sanctuary city of Las Vegas


October 24, 2019: Behind the hatred


October 17, 2019: The left’s most coveted status


October 10, 2019: The impeachment sham continues to unravel