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The impeachment sham continues to unravel

The evidence continues to mount that this is nothing more than a partisan witch-hunt.

October 10, 2019

ITEM #1: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff can't seem to keep his story straight regarding his office's early contact with the “whistleblower” in the Ukraine saga. Via Fox News:
“The whistleblower's contact with Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff's staff before filing the complaint in mid-August has prompted renewed scrutiny of Schiff.
“The top Democrat previously said ‘we have not spoken directly to the whistleblower,’ but his office later revised the claim, saying that Schiff himself ‘does not know the identity of the whistleblower, and has not met with or spoken with the whistleblower or their counsel’ for any reason.”
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 here. It's becoming more and more clear every day that House Democrats' impeachment efforts are nothing more than a politically motivated witch-hunt against President Trump.

ITEM #2: Which serves as a valuable reminder: The deep-state CIA operative who filed the complaint about President Trump’s phone call with the new Ukrainian president in August isn’t a “whistle-blower” — he’s a leaker.
The true whistle-blower is President Trump himself, who’s been blowing the whistle and exposing D.C. corruption for the past three years. 
And you can’t expect those responsible for the corruption to go quietly; they’re going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming from inside the Beltway.

ITEM #3: Now that it’s been revealed that the leaker who filed the complaint hid his relationship with Schiff — who is essentially leading an effort to undo the 2016 election via impeachment — the leaker himself may now be subject to prosecution.
Jared Harris of
 Western Journal“According to 18 U.S. Code § 1001, anyone who ‘falsifies, conceals, or covers up by any trick, scheme, or device a material fact’ might be guilty of making a false statement.”  Which would be a felony. 
But don’t hold your breath waiting for charges to be filed. Anyone helping to oust the President from the Oval Office will not only enjoy immunity from congressional Democrats, but will be lionized by them and their media allies.

ITEM #4: Let’s not lose sight of this crucial truth: Asking Ukraine’s new president to look into what Joe Biden and his son might have been involved in is NOT an impeachable offense.
Vice President Mike Pence nailed it last week in noting that “the American people have the right to know” if former Vice President Biden “or his family profited from his position” as Obama’s second-in-command.
It’s obvious to anyone not suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome that Biden’s son, Hunter, was “selling influence.” There’s no other reason for someone with no background in energy issues or Ukraine to be paid $50,000 per month by a Ukrainian energy company.

ITEM #5: The push to impeach President Trump has been a nakedly partisan ploy from the get-go — a textbook example of a punishment in desperate, fruitless search of any actual wrongdoing. So as this all continues to unfold, it’s been refreshing in recent days to see a number of more serious thinkers incisively tear the case apart.
Renowned scholar John G. Malcolm, writing for the
 Federalist Society, helpfully reminds us that, “The impeachment process is not intended to serve as a partisan political weapon. … Its purpose is to address serious misconduct, not to settle policy disputes.”
Former U.S. Attorney General (and former federal judge) Michael Mukasey, when asked whether what President Trump did breaks any law, bluntly said: “
And lawyer/scholar Alan Dershowitz (a long-time prominent Democrat, by the way), 
stated recently that, "There are no impeachable offenses. The Constitution is very clear that you need bribery, treason, or other high crimes and misdemeanors."

Not that Democrats will care about any of those facts in the slightest.

ITEM #6: And right on cue, Nevada’s Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives have all lined up for impeachment: Dina Titus, Susie Lee and Steve Horsford.
Titus and Horsford, who represent districts favorable to Democrats, have always been unapologetic partisans. But Lee, who represents the competitive 3rd congressional district, promised to be different.
“The dysfunction and gridlock in Washington has been making it harder for Nevada families to get ahead,” Lee declared on her campaign website. “I know that our leaders in Washington should work together to find real solutions to problems in our community … and it's why I'm running for Congress.”
No wonder voters no longer trust what politicians say on the campaign trail.

ITEM #7: The Speech Police in New York City have announced a $250,000 fine for calling an illegal alien an “illegal alien,” contrary to the constitutional protection of free speech.
“People have a right to point out that illegal aliens are illegal aliens,” Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist 
Victor Joecks notes in response to the new dictat by the city’s Commission on Human Rights.  “It’s an accurate description of some people’s immigration status.”
Interesting that Democrats trying to impeach President Trump continue to declare that “no one is above the law,” while refusing to acknowledge, prosecute and deport illegal aliens who … broke the law. 
Some people, apparently, ARE more equal than others.

ITEM #8: The NFL has fined New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis $7,000 for wearing a headband under his helmet which simply read, “Man of God.”
“Of course you don't want to be fined,” Demario said of the penalty. “Nobody wants to lose money.  But I think any time that the conversation about God is brought up, especially in these times, I think it's always a positive.”
Is it only a matter of time before the NFL outlaws the “Hail Mary” pass?


“The reason there is so much animosity against Trump is that he represents a massive disruption to the business model of Washington, which is — you come in, you are a powerful and respected person, your family is accepted, and you can do favors for your friends and supporters, can arrive from a moderate income lifestyle, leave rich, and then obtain a high paying job. Trump is an outsider (who is already rich) and is considered by insiders (Democrats and many Republicans) as a major risk to blowing up this comfortable lifestyle.”
- Best-selling author Peter Schweizer, "Secret Empires; how the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends"