At Morning in Nevada PAC, we believe that creating and preserving a bright future for Nevada will take a dedication to the right policies and principles — and we fight for those ideas every single day.

We are committed to:


Promoting economic liberty and prosperity: We recognize that liberty and prosperity go hand in hand. That’s why we support policies that keep taxes low, remove unnecessary regulations, and maintain an economic environment where private-sector businesses can grow, thrive and create jobs. Nevada has long been a land of vast economic opportunity, and keeping government small so that individuals can accomplish big things is the best way to ensure those opportunities exist for future generations.


Expanding educational freedom: Every child is unique, and is best served by having access to the type of education that’s best for him or her. That’s why we strongly support expanding parental choice in education. Parents know better than bureaucrats when it comes to their own child’s dreams, goals and challenges, and we believe parents should be empowered with more options in how and where their children are educated — whether that means a traditional public school, charter school, private school, online education or homeschooling.


Keeping our communities safe: One of the core functions of government is ensuring public safety. Alarmingly, many on the political left today support policies that would undermine public safety, including turning Nevada into a sanctuary state. We stand firm against any and all efforts to take Nevada down this dangerous road. Sanctuary policies are disastrous, reckless and wrong for the Silver State.


Defending the Second Amendment: We stand unequivocally for upholding our constitutional rights, and this includes the right to bear arms. At a time when the Second Amendment is under unprecedented attack — not just here in Nevada, but all across the country — we are committed to defending this crucial pillar of our liberties. Our constitutional rights are non-negotiable — and they must be protected against any and all politicians who seek to violate them.