Voter fraud –– making the case

It's crucial that the facts be brought to light.

December 4, 2020


ITEM #1:  The Trump campaign made its case before a Carson City District Court judge yesterday, spelling out specifics of the fraud, error and irregularities that plagued the 2020 election.
The Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Rory Appleton reports that the campaign “claimed a number of voter irregularities, including thousands of instances of fraud” and seeks to bar electors for Joe Biden from “formalizing his victory when the Electoral College meets later this month.”
Judge James Russell said yesterday that he’ll make his determination in the case today.
Appleton also tweeted out some numbers provided by Jessie Binnall, the attorney representing Trump’s electors:

Whatever the ultimate outcome of this legal challenge, it is absolutely crucial that the facts and truth about the indisputable problems with Nevada’s election this year are brought to light for all to see.
Election integrity should not be a partisan issue. Sadly, that’s exactly what it’s become, as Democrats have demonized anyone who has dared to speak up and point out the systemic problems we’ve seen this year.
We can’t say it enough. We all KNOW there has been fraud in this year’s election. Nobody disputes that. All that’s unknown is the extent to which it occurred. Getting as accurate an answer to that question as possible remains vital, and we will keep bringing you the latest as the facts continue to be revealed.

ITEM #2:  Shame on the Clark County Commission.
The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports:
“The Clark County Commission on Tuesday unanimously voted to certify the results of the tightly contested race in commission District C, which Ross Miller narrowly won over Stavros Anthony.
“Miller, a Democratic former secretary of state, defeated Anthony, a Republican Las Vegas city councilman, by just 10 votes in the November general election.
“The commission’s decision, a reversal from its action last month to not certify the results due to identified discrepancies, would appear to end the prospect of a special election and leave Anthony with the option to contest the results in court.”
As a refresher, County Registrar Joe Gloria and his department identified 139 discrepancies in the race — far more than the razor-thin 10-vote margin between Miller and Anthony.
Which makes the Commission’s vote entirely impossible to justify.

ITEM #3:  Columnist Victor Joecks has done yeoman’s work in covering the myriad problems with Nevada’s election system this year.
His latest is yet another invaluable contribution to the discussion, telling the story of a veteran who says he didn’t vote this year — but whose ballot was somehow cast nonetheless.
Joecks explains:
“Garrett Smith said he didn’t vote in November’s election. His ballot, however, was successfully returned.
“Smith is a veteran who lives in Las Vegas. He doesn’t have much use for politics or voting. …
“Smith said he never even registered to vote. His wife, however, is ‘very hard core’ about politics and is a registered Republican. In the brouhaha after the election, ‘we saw somewhere to check on the website to see if your ballot was received.’ Given that ‘things are so weird right now,’ he decided to check his own name.
“To his shock, Smith discovered both that he was registered to vote and that his mail ballot had been accepted. Smith insisted that he never registered to vote and never received a ballot in the mail.”
Joecks adds: “It’s yet more evidence, as I’ve previously demonstrated, that signature verification is a joke. Clark County election officials accepted my signature on eight of nine ballot envelopes returned by other people. Those voters copied my signature onto their ballot envelopes, which kept everything legal.”
And yet, Democrats and their media apologists will continue to insist that when it comes to election fraud and effort, there’s nothing to see here.

ITEM #4:  The leftist establishment — which includes not only many American politicians and media members, but almost every international body with any real clout as well — never gets tired of lecturing liberty lovers (especially Americans) about our duty to set aside our individual interests and aspirations in order to serve what’s routinely called the “common good.”
Naturally, the oppressive Chinese Communist regime is at the very top of the list of those they love to fawn over.
The coronavirus outbreak has provided an obviously appetizing opportunity for the left to celebrate totalitarianism once again — though it must be said that they’ve managed to take their obnoxious preening to a whole new level this time around.
Watch this clip from “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” featuring video of Bruce Aylward of the World Health Organization heaping praise on China back in March for its COVID response.
Said Aylward:
“Right now, there’s very, very few countries that have actually been able to reverse this epidemic and bring their cases down to a very low level. And in fact, the only country that has done that is China. It was the passion, the diligence, the sense of responsibility, the seriousness of the average Chinese. And I want to use that term very carefully, because they weren’t average. They’re extraordinary people. But they were driven by a sense of collective responsibility.”
Got that? Collectivism, good. Individual freedom, bad.
Carlson spells out the rest of what’s clearly implied in Aylward’s remarks:
“Contrast that with us. Fat, lazy, Trump-voting Americans, so selfish and short-sighted that we demand to go to church on Sundays or go out to dinner with our families once in a while. And then, deservedly, we get sick and die.”
Oh, by the way: As Carlson notes in the opening to that segment, “Internal documents now prove that Chinese officials knew they were facing a coronavirus pandemic, something they’d never seen before, but they hid that information from the world, and they arrested those who tried to report it.”
There it is, friends: the regime that so many on the left admire and seek to emulate. Sick.

ITEM #5:  “The League of Women Voters of the United States’ governing board voted Wednesday to dissolve the venerable voter rights group’s Nevada chapter after a series of apparent battles with local leadership,” reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Rory Appleton, who adds:
“The League cited ‘months of attempting to resolve policy violations’ as its major reason for removing recognition of the state chapter.”
What were those “battles” and “violations” about, you ask?
“Nevada chapter president Sondra Cosgrove responded to the threat of dissolution in a blog post on Nov. 27, saying the national League attempted to limit her vocal criticism of state Democrats, including Gov. Steve Sisolak, and despite being a nonpartisan organization, moved to force her into using a group of League-approved partners — none of whom are Republicans.”
So by “League of Women Voters,” what the national folks running the organization really mean is “League of Women Voters who think and act exactly how we tell them to, and unquestioningly toe the Democrat Party line.”
Appleton adds:
“Cosgrove plans to start a new, unaffiliated group called Vote Nevada. She said Wednesday the group is currently filing for nonprofit status, and Cosgrove has begun recruiting current League members and preparing to lobby the upcoming state legislative session.”
Sounds like a worthy endeavor to us.

ITEM #6:  Wouldn’t you know, Colin Kaepernick is at it again.
The failed NFL quarterback and darling of the radical left offered another dose of “wisdom” recently, and the Washington Times’ Cheryl K. Chumley brings us the latest stomach-churning details:
“Colin Kaepernick, football player turned activist, has moved from wearing pig police socks and kneeling during the national anthem to outright calling for the release of cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal from prison.”
For those not familiar with Abu-Jamal, Chumley informs us:
“Abu-Jamal was convicted of the first-degree shooting murder of a police officer, and sentenced to death — but then, mercifully, later granted life in prison. His life and legacy is as a cop killer.”
Kaepernick’s call to Abu-Jamal to be released — “Mumia’s life and legacy must matter. And the causes that he sacrificed his life and freedom for must matter as well,” he lectures us — was too much even for CNN’s Michael Smerconish, who has generally been sympathetic to Kaepernick’s “activism.”
Smerconish is the co-author of a book that’s all about Abu-Jamal’s murder of police officer Daniel Faulkner (the other co-author is Faulkner’s widow), so needless to say he’s quite familiar with the case.
In this video, Smerconish recounts the horrifying details that led to Faulkner’s death at Abu-Jamal’s hands, adding that witnesses heard the killer say, “I shot the M-F-er. I hope the M-F-er dies.” And he notes that Abu-Jamal’s own brother, who was an eye witness to the incident, has never testified on his brother’s behalf to challenge the record of what happened.
Smerconish concludes: “Abu-Jamal will die in jail, a fate more civilized than that which he gave to Danny Faulkner.”
And Colin Kaepernick thinks this murderer should be set free.
In case you’ve forgotten, the University of Nevada recently brought shame onto itself by selecting Kaepernick for induction to its Hall of Fame.
We’d be hard-pressed to think of anything more disgusting that a Nevada public institution could do. 



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