Democrats’ deadly dozen

Democrats' deadly dozen
December 16, 2021

ITEM #1: Democrats’ deadly dozen

Democrats’ unwillingness to rein in the radical left wing of their party, especially when it comes to attacks on our law-enforcement communities, was always bound to lead to disaster for ordinary Americans.

While the costs of catering to the Black Lives Matter movement and calls to defund the police have been apparent for some time, this past week brought some of the starkest evidence yet of just how deadly the consequences can be.

Writing for Just the News, Bethany Blankley reports that, “Twelve U.S. cities broke annual homicide records in 2021 — and all were led by Democrats.”

The deadly dozen cities that made the list are Philadelphia, which came in at No. 1, as well as Indianapolis, Columbus, Louisville, Baton Rouge, Albuquerque, Tucson, Portland, Rochester, Toledo, Austin, and St. Paul.

Blankley notes the mainstream media’s ridiculous inability to connect the obvious dots on this, and so she connects them herself:

“An analysis published by ABC News suggests there's ‘no clear answer’ to explain the cities' record-breaking murder totals, although the report fails to mention that all of the cities it lists are run by Democrats, who were disproportionately receptive to the Black Lives Matter defund-the-police movement pushed by progressives in 2020.”

Go figure.

We noted at the top that it’s the hard left within the Democrat Party that’s driving this reckless agenda. The reality is that today, those radicals are the ones calling the shots, with any remaining moderate elements within the party rendered completely unable to stem the tide, if there’s even any interest left in doing so.

That means this legacy — cities in ruin, skyrocketing crime rates, and unimaginable numbers of Americans tragically and unnecessarily killed — belongs to the party as a whole. Democrats have turned public safety into a political game — and it’s ordinary Americans who are losing.


ITEM #2: California’s crime spree

Of course, the ill effects of left-wing policies on public safety are particularly pronounced in the State of California. And things are only getting worse in our neighbor to the West.

Check out the latest piece at UnHerd from Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and a Californian herself. She documents some of the sad stories of what the spike in crime has done to her home state:

“Since November, throughout California, thousands of dollars have been stolen from stores including Apple, CVS, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry. In San Jose, over $40,000-worth of inventory was stolen from a Lululemon before the robbers escaped in getaway car. In Carmel-by-the-Sea last week, thieves wielding sledgehammers broke into a high-end jewellery store, smashing, grabbing and then fleeing. Right before Thanksgiving, 80 individuals rushed a Nordstrom in the Bay Area to participate in what authorities called ‘organised theft.’”

She also notes how the state’s wealthy, privileged and highly hypocritical liberals are able to insulate themselves from the very policies that they’ve helped to put into place … and that are destroying the lives of the less fortunate:

"What makes this affluence particularly damaging is the fact that the rich are the furthest removed from the consequences of their negligence. In California, those with enormous wealth are often also the loudest advocates for leniency towards criminals. Those individuals, who have the least contact with crime, are frequently the most enthusiastic proponents of reforms that reduce the safety of the average American. Democratic donors give their money to candidates who support defunding the police. They campaign against stop-and-search, three strikes, and 'broken window' policies. They argue for lighter sentences or even the decriminalisation of certain crimes — shoplifting, for example, has been all but legalised in San Francisco.

"Wealthy liberals for some reason feel more compassion for those committing crimes than for their victims. They believe in a form of ‘progress’ that ignores human nature and social reality."

Read the full piece here.

ITEM #3: Build Back bloat 

That the Biden administration would play fast and loose with the facts surprises exactly nobody these days. And so it goes with their latest deceit — over the cost of their Build Back Better agenda.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal’s editors recently took them to task and set the record straight, reminding us of the President’s initial, hilarious claim that “my Build Back Better agenda costs zero dollars.” The editors write:

“In fact, the social ‘infrastructure’ bill now pending in the Senate will cost much more than the $2 trillion that the administration admits, which, of course, is far more than ‘zero dollars.’ Last week, the Congressional Budget Office noted that the legislation would actually separate taxpayers from their money to the tune of $5 trillion if its new programs are made permanent.

“That’s an additional $3 trillion added to the deficit over 10 years.”

But hey, what’s another $3 trillion among friends?

ITEM #4: Higher and higher

Speaking of the Biden administration’s ongoing assault on our nation’s economic health, things continue to worsen on the inflation front as well.

Here’s Stephen Moore, in a piece for the New York Post:

"Friday was arguably the worst day for Joe Biden’s presidency so far. And it could be the death knell for the Build Back Better bill’s lurch toward big-government socialism.

"First, the Labor Department reported inflation is now running at just under 7 percent over the last year. ...

"And, sorry, no, this inflation isn’t 'transitory.' And, no, CNN, it isn’t 'good for you' — or me, or anyone. Meat prices are up 20 to 25 percent, car prices up 29 percent, and a fill-up at the gas station costs $20 more than a year ago. ...

"[A]a few hours later came the second body blow to the Biden agenda. The Congressional Budget Office released a report that examined the true cost of the Biden BBB plan — minus the accounting gimmicks. The results were devastating: twice as high as previously reported and closer to $5 trillion in spending over the next decade. Instead of 'paying for itself,' as Biden claims, the deficit could skyrocket by almost $3 trillion more if Congress passes BBB."

ITEM #5: Covering — and covering for — Kamala

Finally this week, Tim Graham has a piece for Fox News on the media’s continuing, shameless efforts to ignore the ongoing debacle that is the Kamala Harris vice presidency:

Graham reports:

"In the last week, alarms started going off about Vice President Kamala Harris facing an embarrassing staff exodus by her communications team, including well-known strategist Symone Sanders.

"By Saturday morning, December 4, The Washington Post reported on the front page that this morale problem 'reignites leadership concerns.' How can she take over for Biden?

"The Post buried the edgy point right off the front page. 'Critics scattered over two decades point to an inconsistent and at times degrading principal who burns through seasoned staff members who have succeeded in other demanding, high-profile positions.' 

"Anonymous ex-staffers who worked for Harris before she was vice president complained she refused to peruse briefing materials prepared by staff, then berated them when she looked unprepared.

"The hot quote from behind the wall was this. 'It's clear that you're not working with somebody who is willing to do the prep and the work. With Kamala you have to put up with a constant amount of soul-destroying criticism and also her own lack of confidence. So you're constantly sort of propping up a bully and it's not really clear why.'”

The reaction from the press? Here’s Graham again:

"Network coverage on ABC, CBS and NBC? Zero.

"A search of cable news found nothing on MSNBC, and one two-minute discussion with Post reporter Tyler Pager that Saturday morning on CNN — at 6:42 a.m." 

The mainstream “news” media have plenty of practice shilling for Democrats. But as the poll numbers have shown, in trying to cover for the incompetence and ineptitude of this vice president, they may have met their match.



“Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hit man.”Ronald Reagan