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Left-wing media in denial about voter fraud

But the truth is getting out as their monopoly on information continues to collapse

October 22, 2020

ITEM #1:  It takes a stunning lack of principle and respect for the rule of law for Democrats to work the way they do to sabotage our elections.

And it takes a shamelessly compliant “news” media for them to get away with it.

This corrupt symbiotic relationship was on full display this past week, as Nevada’s most obedient left-wing media figure reported to duty once again to go to battle for his political team.

We’re talking, of course, about blogger-pundit Jon Ralston.

It started when Morning in Nevada PAC President Adam Laxalt took to Twitter to highlight a tweet from Mike Roman, exposing the absolute disaster that Nevada’s universal mail-in voting system, adopted by Democrats this summer as part of an “emergency” special session to implement “election reforms,” has become. Here’s Laxalt’s tweet, which you’ll see was retweeted by President Donald Trump:

All of Laxalt’s points — that Nevada has unclean voter rolls, that our signature requirements are relaxed, that we now allow for widespread ballot harvesting, and that this all produces a recipe for an insecure election — are demonstrably true. Naturally, Ralston chooses to disbelieve them.

Ralston responded by tweeting: “Folks, don't forget what Laxalt and his minions don't tell you is that there are safeguards so people can't vote more than once. The only unclean thing are his hands in all of this. His pinned tweet is about an attempt to ‘steal’ an election. His grandfather would be appalled.”

You’ll notice a couple of things here. First, the gratuitous, disrespectful and tasteless invocation of Laxalt’s late grandfather. Nothing like bringing a person’s family into a disagreement over policy. You stay classy, Jon.

But more to the point: Ralston doesn’t bother to address a single specific argument Laxalt made. Which isn’t surprising, since he can’t.

Laxalt’s point is that the so-called “safeguards” supposedly in place are woefully lax and insufficient — as made painfully evident by the endless parade of debacles that keep popping up. (About which more below.)

Ralston can scream about “safeguards” all he wants. But the “safeguards” he’s alluding to will do nothing to stop fraud — as Laxalt and others have shown time and again. That’s the whole point.

And that’s why Ralston resorts to childish ad hominem attacks. It’s because he can’t actually refute anything Laxalt said. He can’t win an argument on the merits, so he attacks his opponents personally instead. 

Fortunately, the truth about what’s going on in our elections is starting to get out there, even in the face of the left-wing media’s attempts to bury it.

As mentioned, Laxalt’s tweet was retweeted by none other than President Trump, and has more than 6 million views now and counting. Donald Trump, Jr., retweeted it as well, and Newt Gingrich weighed in, too:

Members of the old-guard press like Jon Ralston are in full meltdown mode over all this because they’re used to being able to get away with peddling false narratives and echoing Democrat Party talking points without being challenged.

But now, others are empowered to push back. The left’s monopoly on information continues to crumble … and they don’t like it one bit.

ITEM #2:  Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Victor Joecks has written an eye-popping column that should cure any remaining delusions that Nevada can hold universal mail-in voting safely.

Joecks has uncovered additional evidence of Nevada residents receiving mail-in ballots intended for people who don’t live at the recipients’ addresses.

He tells us about a woman named Laurel Morley, a 25-year Las Vegas resident. Morley lives alone … which just makes the rest of this story absolutely maddening. Joecks informs us that:

“Recently, she received five ballots in the mail. She should have received only two, one for herself and one for her son who attends an out-of-town university. But she also received two ballots for adult children who moved years ago and plan to vote in other states. And she received a ballot for an aunt who lived with her before passing away in 2019.

“Morley is confident that she could have voted four times. She could have forged her aunt’s signature ‘well enough that it’s not going to be flagged,’ she said. ‘Without a doubt’ she could have done the same for her kids’ signatures, she added.

“‘There’s no way I’m the only household that has this,’ she said.

“She’s obviously right. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only easy opportunity for fraud that arises from relying on a list riddled with inaccuracies to send unrequested mail ballots.”

Joecks also tells us about Billy Geurin, “a 10-year Las Vegas resident [who] went to collect the mail at his apartment complex recently. He found five discarded ballots.” Joecks adds that he himself “reviewed pictures of five ballots sent to different apartment numbers at the same address.”

Joecks continues:

“‘It’s most likely the people who don’t even live here anymore,’ [Geurin] said. Geurin said the mail area at his apartment complex isn’t secured and that anyone could have come and taken the ballots.

“‘If this is happening in my complex, I know it’s happening in numerous places,’ he said.”

And finally, Joecks throws cold water on the insane notion that the “safeguards” that Jon Ralston and his ilk like to tout can actually prevent any of this from leading to fraud:

“The only security measure in place for this scenario is signature verification. But as I demonstrated in the primary election, that’s a joke. Election officials accepted ballots with printed names, not cursive signatures. They even accepted a ballot on which the voter didn’t use her normal signature. Instead, I wrote the name using my handwriting, and the voter copied it. The ballot was counted anyway.”
Governor Sisolak and Nevada’s Democrats ignored clear warnings about the risks of mail-in voting. Now, Nevadans are reporting exactly what we feared and predicted would happen. 

The continued dismissal of obvious problems with our elections is all about power. And it’s shameful.

ITEM #3:  The press may prefer to look the other way, but the threat to Nevada’s election is so serious that it’s caught the attention of the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Fox News’ Morgan Phillips reports:

"As conservatives' fears of election fraud roil Nevada, one of only two states to mail ballots to every voter this election, Nicholas Trutanich, the state's U.S. attorney, announced Friday that he would appoint a 'district election officer' to handle concerns of voter fraud in conjunction with the Department of Justice. 

"'Every citizen must be able to vote without interference or discrimination and to have that vote counted without it being stolen because of election fraud. The Department of Justice will act appropriately to protect the integrity of the election process,' Trutanich said in a statement."

Phillips shares reports from Clark County of apartment complexes “being littered with ballots sent to folks that no longer live at the complex or ballots sent to the wrong place.” She also reports that, “In one instance, a former Nevada resident who hadn’t voted since 2016 and moved to Colorado had her ballot forwarded to her.”

And the story quotes Morning in Nevada PAC President and former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, who points out what should by now be clear to everyone: “Nevada is simply not prepared to guarantee a safe and free election.”

Laxalt continued:

“Plenty of people have their kids go off to college and their ballots mailed to their house, quite obviously that parent can't vote for their kids, that’s illegal. Do you honestly think that doesn’t happen sometimes? That people aren’t filling out ballots for other people?”

The oversight from the U.S. Attorney is welcome, and necessary. But no one should mistake that as a cause to let down our guard.

ITEM #4:  Of course, it’s not just here in Nevada where election integrity is under attack.

There’s been a lot of focus this year on Pennsylvania, where Republicans initiated a legal battle in order to try to prevent the kind of fraud and chaos that the state’s mail-in system is certain to produce.

Bad news on that front, folks:

“The Supreme Court will allow Pennsylvania to count mailed-in ballots received up to three days after the Nov. 3 election, rejecting a Republican plea in the presidential battleground state.

“The justices divided 4-4 on Monday, an outcome that upholds a state Supreme Court ruling that required county election officials to receive and count mailed-in ballots that arrive up until Nov. 6, even if they don’t have a clear postmark, as long as there is not proof it was mailed after the polls closed.
“Republicans, including President Donald Trump’s campaign, have opposed such an extension, arguing that it violates federal law that sets Election Day as the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November and that such a decision constitutionally belongs to lawmakers, not the courts.”

Read that again: “As long as there is not proof it was mailed after the polls closed.” 

Oh, so that’s the standard you’re going with? Absurd.

And of course, Nevada’s Democrats implemented the same ridiculous three-day rule here.

ITEM #5:  Chances are you know someone — and possibly many people — who insist that concerns over mail-in voting are overblown. Maybe that person is a partisan Democrat, or maybe it’s just someone who gets his or her information from the mainstream “news” media that continues to downplay the threat.

Well, in the event that you end up in a debate with such a person over this topic, you’ll want to be well prepared. And so we thought we’d take a look back at an op-ed that Morning in Nevada PAC President Adam Laxalt wrote, which provides an extremely thorough look at just how our new, Democrat-implemented voting system here in Nevada is susceptible to serious fraud and error.

It’s a piece you can refer to when talking to others, in order to drive home the severity of this issue.

In the op-ed, Laxalt explains:

“The bill ... includes a number of changes that severely undermine the security of elections in this key swing state. It requires that all active voters receive a mail ballot, whether they’ve requested one or not. It provides that ballots received by election officials without a postmark for up to three days after Election Day be considered valid by default. It allows ballot harvesting on a broad scale, and for multiple ballots to be submitted in a single envelope with only a single signature required on the envelope, and no signature requirement for the enclosed individual ballots, leaving it to the discretion of election officials to decide whether the votes should count. It allows for an individual to sign a ballot on another’s behalf. And it allows for drop boxes for collecting ballots with no signature requirement — which is an even more dangerous form of ballot harvesting, which conventionally at least requires a signature.”

Laxalt also adds the unsettling fact that Nevada’s “secretary of state’s office has fewer than five investigators assigned to protecting our elections.”

With voting under way, and with Election Day approaching fast, it’s more crucial than ever that Nevadans arm themselves with the facts about what Democrats are doing to destroy the security of our elections.

Check out Laxalt’s full op-ed here, and please be sure to share it with others whose eyes need to be opened to the truth.


“I get people all the time, they’ll text me or email me. They’ll say I got all these extra ballots at my house, I got [ballots for] kids that haven't lived here in six years, what are we supposed to do with these? Most are going to be honest but again it doesn’t take much for a percentage of the population to be dishonest and to vote improperly.” ― Morning in Nevada PAC President Adam Laxalt, Fox News interview 

“When it comes to voter fraud, most leftists believe ignorance is bliss." ― Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Victor Joecks