We’ll all pay the price for Biden’s insane agenda

Higher taxes, more spending, bigger government … the list goes on.
May 6, 2021

ITEM #1:Nothing’s free.

That’s a lesson that Americans will learn, eventually and painfully, from the Biden administration’s absolutely mind-blowing spending binge.

While much of the news media has sought to justify, excuse or even flatly ignore the administration’s unprecedented excesses, the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s editorial board has, admirably, pointedly taken them to task.

In a recent editorial, responding to Biden’s recent address to Congress, the editors take a look at the dangerous road that Joe and Co. are taking us down:

"Joe Biden’s staggering agenda — laid out in his Wednesday speech — proposes the biggest empowerment of the public sector in the history of the United States, if not the world. There is no longer any doubt that the modern Democratic Party’s ambition is to groom a new generation of loyal voters by expanding, creating and nurturing government dependency.

“'Mr. Biden’s program aims to redistribute trillions of dollars of resources from the highest-earning households and businesses,' a Wall Street Journal news account noted last week, 'to everyone making less than $400,000 a year.'

"Take a moment to unpack that sentence. Consider a few synonyms for 'redistribute.' Apparently, Mr. Biden and congressional Democrats will simply shuffle a few cups around the elusive pea while taking trillions of dollars away those devilish corporations and the scheming upper classes and transfer it to 'everyone' who can’t afford a Lamborghini.

"And it’s all free! Free child care, free internet, free health care, free kindergarten, free community college and free elder care. America’s safety net will become a giant hammock, available even to the comfortable upper-middle classes. …”

Of course, building support for this agenda will require pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people. The editors continue:

“Mr. Biden and his allies will maintain, of course, that all this can be done without any damaging economic consequences. Never mind that they haven’t bothered to map out a plan to pay for the trillions and trillions of new spending beyond ramping up the printing presses (otherwise known as 'modern monetary theory'), which explains their utter disinterest in fostering a thriving private sector. Yes, the Biden administration has proposed massive tax hikes on corporations and the wealthy, but if that plan survives the Senate, it won’t come close to covering the costs of this record fiscal blowout.

"The president continues to insist that no American who makes less than $400,000 a year will pay a thing. That’s patent nonsense. Even Bernie Sanders admitted on the campaign trail that his socialized medicine scheme would require financial participation from the middle class."

And here’s the bottom line on what this will all mean for, well, America’s bottom line:

“Mr. Biden’s belief that higher taxes, increased regulation and greater dependency constitute the foundation for long-term prosperity is a progressive fantasy that will further endanger the nation’s fiscal health and threaten the well-being of the very people the president claims he wants to help.

“Because, in the end, somebody will have to pick up the tab for that ‘free’ buffet.”

ITEM #2:The left insists on talking incessantly about America’s alleged “systemic racism.”

Alright, then. Let’s talk about it.

The Federalist’s Joy Pullmann, for one, has something to say on the matter:

“While the Biden administration still refuses to say whether schools should be fully open this fall despite rolling lockdowns already damaging two school years, new data shows systemic racial disparities in the availability of in-person education.

“‘Eighty percent of public schools were open for at least some in-person learning by the end of February, according to a government survey, but an estimated 78 percent of Asian eighth-graders were learning in a fully remote environment,’ Politico reported last week. ‘Nearly 60 percent of Black and Hispanic eighth-graders also learned at home full time.’

“The publication noted that these racial disparities were present earlier in the lockdowns as well. ‘Nationwide, 52 percent of white fourth graders were back inside public schools full time by the end of February, according to the latest available estimates from a government school reopening survey Biden commissioned. But between 54 and 69 percent of Black, Hispanic and Asian fourth-graders were enrolled in full-time remote instruction at that point…’

“U.S. Democrats have undeniably been the party pushing, enabling, and excusing school closures while leftist-led countries all over the world reopened schools starting as early as a year ago after initial lockdowns in March 2020. The consequences include deeply worsening the education of vulnerable children that was typically of low quality even pre-lockdowns.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the national “news” media to call these Democrats out on their hypocrisy.

ITEM #3: Some absolutely heartbreaking news out of North Carolina, reported by Fox News:

“Two North Carolina sheriff's deputies were killed and three other people found dead in what authorities are calling an ambush that turned into a 13-hour standoff between a shooter and law enforcement.

“Two deputies have died from their injuries suffered during the standoff that took place at a home near Boone, located about 116 miles northwest of Charlotte, Watauga County Sheriff Len Hagaman confirmed Thursday morning.

“Three civilians — including the suspected shooter — also died, bringing the death toll to five people.

“Sheriff Hagaman said that it was fair to say that deputies were ‘ambushed’ at the home when they arrived to conduct a welfare check.”

It’s another jolting reminder of the inherent dangers of law-enforcement work, and the extent to which the brave men and women of our nation’s police forces put their lives on the line — literally — to keep us safe.

And it’s also a reminder that the left’s anti-police agenda is not only reckless, but downright reprehensible.

ITEM #4:Don’t look now, but it appears public officials in Oregon might be learning some valuable lessons.

Last week we reported on how the mayor of Oregon, after a long run of trashing law enforcement while making excuses for violence, had suddenly started calling for a much tougher stance toward rioters.

And now this, courtesy of Louis Casiano of Fox News:

“Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese issued a special order last week allowing deputies to book suspects accused of misdemeanor reckless burning and criminal mischief into the county jail as Portland continues to grapple with violent protests that have seen businesses and government buildings vandalized. 

“The changes took effect on April 23, according to a memo signed by Reese. 

"‘The addition of the two specified crimes was done in recognition of the recent proliferation of attempts to set fire to objects and structures during demonstrations, and has been done in the best interest of public safety,’ sheriff's office spokesman Chris Liedle told Fox News. 

“Previously, deputies issued a citation for misdemeanor crimes with a court appearance order. The order comes after nearly a year of protests that have devolved into violence that resulted in buildings being vandalized, fires being set and violent clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement.”

We suppose it’s better to learn slowly than not at all.

ITEM #5:Here’s a telling tweet from Chef Andrew Gruel on what progressive policies have done to the jobs market in California:

Pretty much sums things up, doesn’t it?

ITEM #6: Fox News recently ran a great segment on a New York City father, Andrew Gutman, who pulled his daughter out of the elite Brearley School because of the school’s left-wing culture and race-obsessed curriculum.

Here’s an excerpt of Gutman explaining his decision:

"It was hard and it wasn’t hard, to be honest. It was such an obvious decision in the end. You saw this creep into the school a little bit through the seven years we were there but there was just a big change with Black Lives Matter and George Floyd about a year ago where there was just this obsession with race. We tried to organize parents a little bit. Very few parents were willing to speak up and finally, we sent a letter after we decided that we would not re-enroll her next year. It’s was tough, it really is a great school. ...

"I have some interesting views on education. I think history, for example, is probably the subject that is most important. History and civics for children to learn in this country. I already don’t think we do a great job of that. But what you see with the changes of curriculum, with what they’re doing with this critical race theory in the schools, they’re even more so eradicating and changing the classical literature curriculum. So what Brearley was known for the great education and it’s changing. You can see the writing on the wall. If this is not stopped, it will continue to deteriorate."

You can watch the interview, and read more, here.

ITEM #7:  We were proud to be among the earliest to criticize the anti-American “1619 Project” for its tortured interpretation of history in service to smearing our country.

And we’re pleased to see the chorus of those speaking out against the project continue to grow. 

Newsmax’s Charlie McCarthy informs us:

"Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and fellow GOP colleagues reportedly are taking aim at the 1619 Project in a letter to the Education Department.

"McConnell and 37 colleagues are sending a letter asking the department to stop the Biden administration program that cites the 1619 Project in a public-service announcement on The Federal Register, Politico Playbook reported Friday.

"The 1619 Project retells American history through the eyes of enslaved people. Among its details, the project claims U.S. democracy began in 1619 when slaves arrived in the country."

The story also notes that, “Some schools have said they create curriculum around the project's assertions,” which is simply terrifying.

The 1619 Project initially flew below many people’s radars, which meant there was a real risk that it could make its way into school curricula and other segments of the culture by stealth, going unnoticed until it was perhaps too late to dislodge it. But fortunately, enough principled, patriotic Americans — like those of us at Morning in Nevada PAC and people like you who support us — worked hard to bring it to light. It’s a helpful reminder of how the efforts of a small number of people can, ultimately, make a big difference.

Rest assured, friends: Little by little, we’re opening eyes and winning the fight against this assault on our nation’s heritage and history.


“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.” ― George Washington
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