An important lesson about guns

Fighting back against dangerous sanctuary policies

We are taking our message all across the Silver State.

November 07, 2019

ITEM #1: Last week, we shared some alarming news out of Las Vegas — that in response to an injunction from a federal judge in California, the Metropolitan Police Department announced it is ending its participation in an important program that allowed the department to hold individuals suspected of being in the country illegally for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
What this means is that Las Vegas is now, effectively, a sanctuary city.
It’s an outrageous and unacceptable attack on the safety of our citizens. Thanks to this development, local law enforcement has been deprived of important tools necessary to keep dangerous criminals off our streets.
Now, it’s time for us — all of us — to fight back.
This week, we at Morning in Nevada PAC launched a broad public awareness campaign to inform citizens of this threat to public safety. We’re calling on Nevadans to contact the Governor and demand that he call a special session of the Nevada Legislature, so that lawmakers can pass legislation that would allow Metro to once again cooperate with ICE (a fix to this problem that would be permitted by the federal judge’s injunction).
We’ll keep you posted on our efforts, but in the meantime, we want you to do two things:

  1. Contact the Governor and tell him to call a special session, for the sole purpose of implementing the measures necessary to allow Metro to recommence cooperation with ICE.
  2. Contact your Assemblyman and Senator and tell them to join you in demanding a special session so they can vote to keep Nevadans safe. 

This assault on the safety of our citizens cannot stand. But if we’re going to stop it, our elected officials need to hear from you!

ITEM #2: Grover Norquist, father of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, often says that “No one's life is a complete waste; some people serve as bad examples to others.”
That’s a good way to look at the failed presidential candidacy of Beto O’Rourke, who pulled the plug on his campaign last week.
Beto did the nation a favor by saying out loud what conservatives have always known about the left’s agenda when it comes to the Second Amendment. They’re not interested in “gun safety.” They want gun confiscation.
By actually declaring in a presidential debate, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15’s,” Beto unmasked what progressive, anti-gun politicians truly believe but usually try to hide from voters. As Joy Behar, co-host of The View, put it: “They should not tell everything they’re going to do. Like, if you are going to take people’s guns away, wait until you get elected and then take the guns away. Don’t tell them ahead of time!”
Alas, it seems Beto lost his copy of the script. But at least in this regard, his campaign wasn’t a complete waste.

ITEM #3: Speaking of AR-15’s, the New York Post reported on Monday that “A pregnant woman is credited with saving the lives of her husband and daughter after she used an AR-15 to fatally gun down a home intruder.”
“The hero mom sprung into action when two intruders entered the family’s Lithia, Fla. home last week and pistol whipped her husband while violently grabbing their daughter, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.”
During the attack, the man’s wife, who was eight months pregnant, retreated to the bedroom and grabbed her husband’s gun. When one of the “heavily hooded and masked” thugs came after her, she let him have it.
“He made it from my back door to roughly 200 feet out in the front ditch before the AR did its thing,” the husband, who took a “severe beating,” explained. “Them guys came in with two normal pistols and my AR stopped it. [My wife] evened the playing field and kept them from killing me.”
“The sheriff’s office added that the firearm was in the home legally,” the Post reports.

ITEM #4: The “Snowflake Generation” has struck again, this time in merry ol’ England.
The Student Union at Oxford University last week banned clapping at all campus events. The organization said the traditional show of approval “could trigger anxiety.” Instead, they’re replacing thunderous rounds of applause with silent hands waving in the wind.
Fortunately, here in the U.S. things haven’t gotten quite that crazy … at least not yet.
ITEM #5: Speaking of the Snowflake Generation, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka: AOC) recently made the case for school vouchers — although she steadfastly refuses to support such school-choice options.
AOC told the story about how her family moved out of a bad neighborhood with lousy schools and into a better neighborhood with better schools. Certainly understandable.
But not every low-income and middle-income family is as privileged as AOC was. They don’t have the ability to simply break camp and move to greener pastures. That’s why school choice options — including charter schools and vouchers — are so important.
Kids shouldn’t be trapped in failing schools just because the government assigns their educational opportunities by zip code. AOC, of all people, should understand that. But hypocrisy runs deep on the left.

ITEM #6: Yesterday, U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer struck down a Trump administration rule allowing medical providers to opt out of medical procedures based on religious or moral objections.
We’re sure you’ll be shocked to learn the judge was appointed by Barack Obama.
This really should be such a common-sense issue — the importance of upholding faith and conscience objections should be something on which all of us can agree. If the left continues to get its way, more and more potential medical professionals could be shut out of the field altogether — which would spell real trouble for our health care future.
Yet another reminder: Judges matter!


“[Democrats] argue that Mr. Trump deserves to be ousted from the Oval Office for an ambiguous phone call to a foreign leader, citing the nexus between a corruption investigation that never occurred and U.S. aid that was never withheld.” – Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial
“Trump’s record on reforming a war-on-drugs sentencing system that over-incarcerated African-Americans is an amazing achievement.” – Las Vegas Review-Journal White House correspondent Debra J. Saunders