Morning in Nevada PAC was created in 2015 by friends of then-Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt. The PAC’s mission is to identify, educate, motivate and activate citizens in Nevada to advance conservative causes and elect conservative candidates. 

Laxalt is a former U.S. Navy JAG officer who served in Iraq during the U.S.-led surge and became Nevada's Attorney General in a tough election against a statewide office holder. As the youngest state Attorney General in the country when elected, Laxalt is part of a new generation of leaders who have served our nation in Iraq or Afghanistan and part of a conservative movement that Morning in Nevada PAC seeks to help. Many of these individuals have come home and now seek ways to continue serving. For some, this includes running for an elected office.  


Morning in Nevada PAC seeks to help recruit and support conservative young men and women who wish to serve in this capacity.  


Our inspiration in choosing the name Morning in Nevada PAC comes from conservative hero Ronald Reagan and his hopeful vision for a Morning in America. We believe that Nevada is ready to experience our home state version of his vision. We call it, Morning in Nevada.

For more general information, email [email protected] or call (702) 361-7940.

For media inquiries, email [email protected].

To sign up to volunteer, email [email protected].