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More Democrat hypocrisy on school choice

Privileged leftists take advantage of the educational freedom they would deny everyone else.

December 05, 2019

ITEM #1: This week brings yet another example of Democrats making the case for school choice through their personal actions and experiences — all while adamantly opposing it as a matter of policy.
The last time around, it was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, who shared a story of how her family moved from a bad neighborhood to a better one with superior schools. Which is exactly why we need more educational options for parents and students — not every family is fortunate enough to be able to just get up and move the way AOC’s did.
This time, it’s Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, the truth-challenged Massachusetts Senator who has been caught in yet another whopper: claiming her son went to public school when he actually spent most of his years in a ritzy private school.
Again, it’s great that Warren was able to afford private school for her son. But not everyone is so privileged. School-choice programs open doors to opportunities for students that they’d otherwise never have.
Warren’s not alone in this “do as I say, not as I do” hypocrisy when it comes to forcing failed public schools on everyone else while giving your own kids a private-school education. As columnist Larry Elder noted recently:

“Question: What percentage of public-school teachers — with school age kids — have their OWN kids in private schools?” 

Philadelphia: 44%
Chicago: 39%
Baltimore: 35%
L.A.: 25%
Good enough for thee, but not for me …

ITEM #2: Yet another reason why we don’t want Nevada to become East California…
Columnist Dan Calabrese noted this week that even if there’s a VIDEO of someone smashing the window of your car and then stealing your stuff inside, that would NOT likely be prosecuted as a crime in California unless you can PROVE your car doors were locked.
The crooks, of course, know this. Which would help explain “an epidemic of car burglaries in San Francisco over the last few years.”
Calabrese goes on to remind us that “Democrats have absolute power in California”  as they now do in Nevada. Time to wake up before it’s too late!

ITEM #3: We all know how much those on the left love to claim the mantle of victimhood, and one of their favorite places to do this is in the culture wars — where they are always accusing conservatives of being the aggressors.
Writing at the Federalist, Emily Jashinsky calls them out on their nonsense, noting that:
“The 'culture-war stoking conservative media' is a liberal trope because it neatly comports to basic elite stereotypes about conservatism as a misguided ideology of blind rage and ignorance. The culture war itself is seen as a lowbrow battleground for reactionaries and the Brooks-Brothers elites who mine their concerns for clicks.”
In reality, as Jashinsky points out:
“The progressive movement is waging this war on culture by its own admission. By the essence of their mission and the definition of their moniker, progressives are on offense. There would be no cultural battles were it not for changes demanded by the left. Those of us so-called 'culture war-stoking' conservatives in media are on defense. Almost always.”
Read the full piece here.
It's a pretty sweet deal the left has worked out for itself — start a fight, and when your opponents fight back, complain that you’ve been dragged into a battle against your will.
Good for Jashinsky for refusing to let this baloney go unchallenged.

ITEM #4: Fresh off being caught trying to nibble on his wife’s finger at an Iowa rally this week, Democrat presidential front-runner “Creepy” Joe Biden was caught in a June 2017 video dispensing with this gem to an audience of kids:
“Oh and by the way, I’d sit on the stand [the lifeguard stand/seat next to the pool] and it’d get hot, and I got a lot, I got hairy legs, that turned, that turned, um, blond in the sun. And the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down, so it was straight, then watch the hair come back up again. They’d look at it. So I learned about roaches, I learned about kids jumping on my lap.  And I’ve loved kids jumping on my lap.”
Naturally, a lot of people heard this and assumed it was too crazy to be true. Alas, it’s true, folks.

ITEM #5: In an interview last week with the BBC, Hillary Clinton was asked about the possibility of running for president for the third time next year.
“I have been deluged the last few weeks with thinking about doing that,” the Crooked One responded, “but right now I’m not at all planning that.”
Ah, the old non-denial denial. Classic. Never gets old.

ITEM #6: “Detainers,” the Las Vegas Review-Journal noted on Sunday, “allow local law enforcement to keep undocumented immigrants (aka, illegal aliens) in custody for up to 48 hours to give ICE time to pick them up for deportation.”
But U.S. District Court Judge Andre Birotte Jr. of California ruled the practice to be unconstitutional.
Judge Birotte is an “Obama judge.” Go figure.


“America doesn’t need to see the tax returns of a billionaire who became a public servant.  America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who became millionaires while being public servants.” – Malcolm Telloian of North Las Vegas, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 12/3/19