The remarkable radicalism of Nevada’s Democrats

The Silver State has kept interesting company in its response to COVID.
February 10, 2022

How draconian has Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s response to the coronavirus been? To answer that question, it’s useful to consider Nevada’s approach in the context of other states’.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Mary Hynes did just that earlier this week, reporting on Monday that:

Nevada is one of nine states that still require people to wear a mask in indoor public places regardless of vaccination status, according to a new report by AARP.

The other states that require masks indoors are California, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, New York, Oregon and Washington.

In the days since that report was published, a number of those states have announced they’ll be easing restrictions, bringing the total lower still. And yesterday, reports and rumors began to swirl that Nevada — finally — is about to follow suit.

Even in the midst of this week’s rapidly shifting mask-mandate news, however, it’s worth pausing a moment and considering the list of states that made up the final nine holdouts. Do you notice something? The eight states besides Nevada are all deep-blue politically — which isn’t surprising, given that Democrat-led states have notoriously tended to adopt stricter measures in response to the virus.

But Nevada isn’t deep blue; it’s a swing state. Yet the response of our state government, currently under full Democrat control, has been consistent with what one would expect from those situated on the far left. 

It gets even worse. The Review-Journal reported earlier this week that California will end its indoor masking requirement for vaccinated people next week.” Which means that even if a shift in policy here in Nevada is indeed imminent, we were still slower to ease restrictions than California — the state that has become a universal punchline for its addiction to heavy-handed government.

Two main takeaways: First, if the reports about Nevada are accurate, then this fits right in with Sisolak’s approach throughout the pandemic — plodding, clumsy and incoherent; following rather than leading; and taking action only when prominent Democrats in other states first signal to him that it’s OK to do so.

Second, this whole sorry episode underscores a lamentable truth: that Nevada is currently being governed — lorded over, really — by politicians who are woefully out of touch with the state’s citizens. Nevada Democrats have stubbornly forced an extreme-left approach upon a populace that’s far too ideologically diverse and balanced to accept that kind of relentless radicalism.

Silver State voters will have an opportunity to correct this disconnect in November.


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“The psychic, developmental, and emotional damage that Democrats have pounded into kids over the last two years may never be overcome, although it will surely be punished by parents at the ballot box in November.” ―  Kyle Smith