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Protecting your vote; an important interview with Tucker Carlson on voter fraud

We’re leading the fight to stop Democrats’ attempts to steal our elections.

May 27, 2020

ITEM #1:  It’s been well documented how Democrats have been trying to exploit the coronavirus crisis to implement their long-standing wish list of left-wing policies, but the most dangerous way they’re attempting to do this is by undermining the integrity of our election system.

In short, Democrats are trying to increase voter fraud in order to steal our elections. And they’re behaving especially egregiously right here in Nevada.

In an interview last night with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, former Nevada Attorney General and Morning in Nevada PAC President Adam Laxalt described in detail what Democrats are up to in our state:



“It's about winning elections and gaining power and here in my swing state ... you are seeing videos of thousands of ballots that are piled up in apartments and trash cans and in hallways. And this is all because we are doing our first mail-in ballot election in the history of our state all under the cloak of the pandemic. …

“Inactive voters, 200,000 of them were mailed ballots all across the greater Las Vegas area, and we have no way to know if these are going to lead to massive voter fraud, and they continue to sue to get rid of signature verifications and to enact the California-style ballot harvesting right here in Nevada.”

You can read more and watch the full interview here.

Ballots piled up at apartment buildings and in trash cans. Ballots mailed out to inactive voters who don’t even live at that address anymore. A lawsuit to remove signature verification and to allow for unfettered ballot harvesting.

It’s a recipe for chaos if the Democrats succeed. …

ITEM #2:  … But with your help, we’ll make sure they don’t.

This week we launched a robust online campaign to stop the Democrats’ assault on election integrity. And there are a few things you can do to support us in this crucial fight.

  • First, you can click here to contribute to our efforts to take this campaign to every corner of the Silver State.
  • Second, you can visit a brand-new website we’ve launched,, and sign our petition to stop voter fraud in our state. While you’re there, you can check out the latest news on this important issue.
  • Third, you can contact the Secretary of State’s office at 775-684-5705 or at [email protected] and demand action to protect your vote.
  • And fourth, if you are aware of any instances of voter fraud, you can report it by using this form.

In our system of government, there is nothing that’s more crucial than the integrity of our elections. Americans may reasonably disagree over a whole array of policy issues, but we should all be able to agree that the way in which we choose our elected leaders should be carried out fairly and honestly.

What Democrats are doing today is unconscionable and un-American. We hope you’ll stand with us in helping to put a stop to it.

ITEM #3:  Fortunately, there’s some good news to report on this front.

What Democrats are trying to get away with here in Nevada is sleazy and repugnant, but the best way to stop them is to bring as much attention as possible to it.

Which is why it’s great to see our national Republican leaders, including President Trump himself, sounding the alarm.

The President recently tweeted: “State of Nevada ‘thinks’ that they can send out illegal vote by mail ballots, creating a great Voter Fraud scenario for the State and the U.S. They can’t!”

Donald Trump, Jr., weighed in as well, tweeting: "This is how the Democrats plan to win... by cheating. Nevada’s vote-by-mail primary stirs fraud concerns, as unclaimed ballots pile up: 'Something stinks here.'"

And Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel has been great on this issue, too, writing in a recent op-ed that, "Nevada is a case study of the lengths Democrats will go to secure a voting edge. ... What is unfolding should concern every American." 

Bravo to all three of them for recognizing the importance of this fight.

ITEM #4:  So exactly how does voting by mail increase the chances of voter fraud?

Victor Joecks of the Las Vegas Review-Journal offered a helpful explanation in a recent column, focusing particularly on this issue of “inactive voters,” which we’ll quote at length.

Joecks writes:

“An ‘inactive voter’ sounds like someone who hasn’t voted in a while. Obviously, skipping last year’s municipal election shouldn’t be grounds for not receiving a ballot in an all-mail election.

“But that’s not what makes someone an ‘inactive voter.’ Every two years, the county registrar sends every active voter a new voter registration card. If the Post Office tells the Election Department that a voter has moved, the registrar sends a forwardable postcard asking for an updated address. If the voter provides his new address, the registration remains active. If not, the voter is considered ‘inactive’ but remains eligible to vote."

“Inactive doesn’t refer to how often someone has voted.

“Understand that, and it’s easy to see the folly in mailing ballots to inactive voters. You’re sending a ballot to an address where the voter no longer lives. This is what’s led to ballots piling up inside postal facilities and in the trash cans of apartment buildings."

As mentioned above, Democrats are currently suing to make this kind of practice even more widespread, and Joecks makes the key point on what they’re up to:

“Democrats want to send ballots to addresses at which people no longer live, allow third parties to gather ballots and count ballots with other people’s signatures. Vladimir Putin would approve. Nevada shouldn’t. The real goal of these lawsuits isn’t to implement changes for the June primary election, to but establish precedent for November’s general election.”


ITEM #5:  And again, this is all being done under the Democrats’ favorite mantra of never letting a crisis go to waste.

As Laxalt wrote in a recent op-ed for the Washington Examiner:

“While the world’s attention remains on the coronavirus global pandemic, Democrats are exploiting the crisis to change America’s election system in a fundamental way. It should concern everyone.”

It should concern you. And you shouldn’t let it stand. 

Go to today, and join this crucial fight.


"If Democrats get their way, it could forever damage the integrity of our election system." ― Adam Laxalt, former Nevada Attorney General and President of Morning in Nevada PAC

“Democrats are welcoming voter fraud in Nevada. And they are not even hiding it.” — Ronna McDaniel, Republican National Committee Chairwoman

“President Donald Trump is right. What’s happening in Nevada is an invitation to fraud.” ― Victor Joecks, Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist