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Winning the battle for the courts

President Trump continues to reshape the judiciary to protect liberty and uphold the Constitution.

January 02, 2020

ITEM #1: Over the past few decades, one of the most prominent facets of the modern conservative movement has been the effort to remake the federal judiciary in a more originalist, constitutional mold.

It’s also been one of the more successful facets of conservatism during that time — and that success has been particularly striking during the presidency of Donald Trump.

The Wall Street Journal recently published a terrific editorial on this topic, writing that the President’s “legacy already includes advancing a new generation of highly professional, constitutional federal judges,” and adding that “Mr. Trump is reshaping the judiciary to protect fundamental liberties and the original meaning of the Constitution.”

The editorial (available in full here) notes that President Trump has seen 187 judges confirmed to the federal bench, in addition to his two Supreme Court justices. And it was great to see the editors mention, by name, the brilliant former Nevada Solicitor General Lawrence VanDyke — who, they note, “had to endure a drive-by smear by the liberal American Bar Association” before being confirmed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The completely unwarranted attack on VanDyke was just the latest reminder of the depths the left will sink to in order to keep principled, constitutional judges off the bench. But it’s also a reminder of how crucial it is that conservatives continue to fight tirelessly on this front. The editors conclude: “A new era of originalism in the courts should be good for the law, and for the public reputation of the judiciary as nonpartisan interpreter of the Constitution.” We look forward to seeing Lawrence VanDyke, and many others like him, leading that effort for years to come. 

ITEM #2: TDS — “Trump Derangement Syndrome” — has spread into Canada.

CBC, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, axed the 10-second cameo appearance of President Donald Trump from its holiday broadcast of “Home Alone 2,” claiming the decision was made due to “time constraints.”

Sure. Go with that.

ITEM #3: With much fanfare, pomp and circumstance, the news media opened a private museum dedicated to itself in Washington, D.C., in 2008. 
Now, less than three years after President Trump pulled back the curtain and outed the national press corps as “fake news,” the Newseum has shut its doors amidst “financial difficulties” — thanks in large part to its inability to attract visitors.
With public trust in the news media continuing to plummet, it’s hardly shocking that the Newseum — which included among its final exhibits an item about Trump-hating comedian Jon Stewart — never gained much popularity.
Yet members of the press are no doubt stunned and confused today that their latest exercise in self-aggrandizement never grew into the vacation hot-spot they’d envisioned.
Some folks will just never get it.

ITEM #4: They don’t call California the “land of fruits and nuts” for nothing. Here’s the latest liberal enviro-wacko insanity reported by the Associated Press 
“A new café culture is brewing in the San Francisco area, where a growing number of coffeehouses are banishing paper to-go cups. … Coffee-to-go customers will have to bring their own mug or pay a deposit for a reusable cup.”
The CEO of the Blue Bottle coffeehouse chain said they “expect to lose some business.”
Gee, ya think?

ITEM #5: Alas, California Crazy is spreading. The Billings Chamber of Commerce in Montana was recently accused of “racism” for an ad campaign that featured the slogans “Onward Pioneer” and “Conquer New Endeavors.”

A local wacka-doodle blogger claimed “the campaign was not culturally sensitive to hundreds of years of genocide, forced assimilation and racism against Native Americans.”

Spokesmen for the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Braves couldn’t be reached for comment.

ITEM #6: Meanwhile, at the University of Northern Iowa, a student filed a “bias incident” report against the school’s cafeteria for promoting a “peanut day” event designed to “promote the nutrients in peanuts.”  

The Snowflake Generation student claimed the promotion discriminated against students with peanut allergies.

Mr. Peanut could not be reached for comment.

ITEM #7: There is good news from the front lines of the PC War, though. 

The city council in Wausau, Wisconsin, is reconsidering — after “recent negative national attention” — an ordinance prohibiting snowball fights, reports the Wausau Daily Herald.

Frosty the Snowman could not be reached for comment.


“San Francisco banned straws. They banned single use water bottles. They banned E-Cigs. Now a ban on styrofoam coffee cups is picking up steam. Maybe next they’ll consider a ban on public defecation & urination by the homeless.” — Charlie Kirk

“If you would like a better understanding of the depths of federal bureaucrats resisting the Trump Administration go to FEC reports on donations. In 397 donations in 2019 at the Department of Education your government employees donated 397 times to Democrats and zero to Republicans.” — Newt Gingrich