Morning in Nevada PAC 2024 Primary Endorsements

RENO – Recognizing how critical this election cycle is for the state's future, Morning in Nevada PAC released a list of endorsements in the lead-up to the June 2024 primary.

This year is critical for Republicans in Nevada. With a Republican Governor holding the executive branch, we must help send more Republicans to the Capitol as reinforcements for our Governor so that we don't end up in the super minority in both the Assembly and the Senate. While we often hear people talk about how disastrous it would be for the radical left to be in the supermajority, let's think about it practically. Radical liberals in the legislature would be able to pass any legislation they want including tax increases, a ban on gas stoves, reducing penalties for a multitude of crimes, gun control, anti-hunting measures, and many more. There is no such thing as a moderate Democrat in Nevada. If Democrats are in the supermajority, expect every liberal California policy to be passed with ease. We must send a message to these Democrats: Don't California My Nevada. It's not just their radical policies that threaten us, it's their values. We have seen what happens in other states when the radicals take over, and we are at the last stand here in Nevada.

With that being said, we must support Republican candidates who have the best chance to beat the Democrats in November. In pursuit of that same goal, we are releasing an endorsement slate for the upcoming primary and general elections.