6th Annual Basque Fry

A message from Morning in Nevada PAC President Adam Laxalt:

It is with great disappointment today that I must share the news with you that the 6th Annual Basque Fry and CPAC West 2020 have been canceled.

Although we felt confident that we could safely hold the Basque Fry and CPAC West this year, Governor Sisolak’s panicky, erratic, incoherent and patchwork approach to COVID-19 has left us with no feasible way to do so.

We have deeply experienced what small and large businesses are going through all over Nevada. The Governor has taken a heavy-handed approach to the shutdown in some cases, while leaving open preferred industries, and he spat in our eyes when he refused to do anything to stop, or even criticize, the violent riots that have broken out across our state. He has repeatedly shown a stunning and harmful lack of communication or any advance of warning of shutdowns, which has unnecessarily made a bad situation even worse for so many businesses and workers.

I personally share the disappointment and frustration of the thousands of patriots from across Nevada and the country who were looking forward to joining us. The more than 2,000 people who bought tickets to this year’s Basque Fry are passionate about being part of the fight for Nevada’s future. I feel for all of those who will no longer be able to take part in what was going to be the biggest and best Basque Fry yet. And I also feel for the small-business vendors who help make the Basque Fry so successful, and who will now suffer financially because of the Governor’s failed leadership.

The Basque Fry is a great Nevada tradition, and is the largest annual political rally in the entire Silver State. Despite this year’s setback, that tradition will go on. All of us at Morning in Nevada PAC are already looking forward to holding the Basque Fry once again in 2021, and we will announce the date and additional details as soon as possible.

Even though we won’t be able to gather in person this year, Morning in Nevada PAC’s commitment to fighting for conservative principles here in Nevada has not and cannot be diminished one bit. Indeed, it is stronger now than ever. And our efforts today are especially critical, as we enter the home stretch of what is a crucial election year both for our state and our country.

Because we rely on the Basque Fry as our primary fundraising event, it is an indispensable part of our ability to continue to operate and carry out our important work. Therefore, if you bought a ticket to this year’s Basque Fry, we hope you will consider choosing to allow us to keep the funds from your ticket purchase to support our mission. However, if you wish to request a refund of your ticket purchase, you may do so by replying to this email.

I hope you will accept my deepest apologies for having to share this news with you. But I also want you to know how very grateful I am for your support of Morning in Nevada PAC, and our efforts to fight for our shared conservative ideals here in our great Silver State.

My commitment to that fight remains as firm as it has ever been. And I know the same is true for you as well.

For Nevada,

Adam Paul Laxalt
Former Nevada Attorney General
President, Morning in Nevada PAC