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Dear Friends:

A big THANK YOU to all of you who attended the Second Annual Basque Fry! More than 1100 of you joined us at Corley Ranch to make our event a huge success. We appreciate your support!


Adam Laxalt
Nevada Attorney General

Some of the coverage from last year's Basque Fry



“Cowboy hats and boots were the norm, many emblazoned with American flags, or with the stars and stripes spelled out in rhinestones. The location was picked strategically: Nevada is a large state, but since almost all of it’s population is located in Clark County, candidates often don’t make it out to the more far-flung areas of the state. Corley Ranch, near Lake Tahoe, drew voters from all of those areas. According to event organizers, Republicans from all 17 counties bought tickets to attend the sold out event.”

“Laxalt is Basque, and his grandfather, former Senator Paul Laxalt, a legendary political figure in Nevada, used to hold Basque Fries when he was in office. This event continued that tradition.



“Four Republican presidential candidates rallied hundreds of voters at a Basque-themed barbecue in Nevada on Saturday, a sign the state is coming into its own as a relatively new hotspot for campaigns.”

“About 1,500 people, many wearing plaid shirts, cowboy hats and boots, noshed on chorizo and Basque stew while taking in speeches from retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, former tech CEO Carly Fiorina, Sen. Ted Cruz and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.



- “More than 1,500 people flocked to Gardnerville on Saturday for one of the biggest gatherings of 2016 presidential candidates in Nevada since campaign season started.

- “Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s Morning Nevada PAC hosted the first Basque Fry featuring five GOP contenders on the Corley Ranch southeast of town.”

- "Republican heavyweights from Nevada deemed the barbecue a success."



- “Attorney General Adam Laxalt, along with the Nevada Republican Party, Douglas County Central Republican Committee and Nevada Federation of Republican Women, resurrected an event once hosted by Laxalt’s grandfather, former Nevada governor and U.S. senator, Paul Laxalt.”

- “Both Republican Assemblyman Jim Wheeler and state Sen. James Settelmeyer, who both represent Douglas County, said they were pleased with the inaugural event and the candidates who made appearances.”

- “This is a phenomenal event. I credit Adam for reinvigorating this event,” Wheeler said. Settelmeyer said the guests appreciated the opportunity to see the candidates at the Basque fry. “… I’m glad to see many of the top tier candidates,” Settelmeyer added.

- “For the weekend both lawmakers agreed Gardnerville was the center of presidential politicking for a day.”

- “Overall, Rural Caucus Chairman Wes Rice said the Basque fry was an outstanding event that attracted candidates willing to mingle with the crowds and guests from every county in Nevada. “We had friends from Elko here and Mineral and Esmeralda counties,” he added. “We have a lot of volunteers from Carson City and Douglas County. I’m impressed with the rural effort.”



- "The event, hosted by Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, was designed to honor Laxalt’s Basque heritage and the shepherding traditions of the group, many of whom emigrated to and settled in northern Nevada."

- “We wanted to bring as many candidates here, and let every day Republican voters from around the state meet everyone,” said Laxalt…"



- “It was a uniquely Nevada affair, with the foothills of the Sierra Nevada towering across the valley to the West.”

- “Many here said they haven't decided who among the 17 GOP contenders they will back in the Nevada caucus, but all gave high marks to the event organized by state Attorney General Adam Laxalt's Political Action Committee, Morning in Nevada, PAC.”

- “It was a first-of-its-kind presidential contest forum held in Nevada, where every GOP candidate was invited to talk with voters one-on-one.”

“ … the event was a spectacular success, showing how much Nevada matters.” - Jon Ralston

Highlight video from last year’s Basque Fry

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